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Get involved and use Instagram to track your lighter, win z$1 000 000.

If you have found a Flame Frogâ„¢ you better act quickly. Take a cool picture of the Flame Frogâ„¢ lighter (showing the serial number clearly) then add these HASHTAGS (#) 



 #FF<Serial Number on Flame Frog lighter> eg #FF727123321610

 #BicLighter (If the lighter is not a BIC lighter, peel the sticker off gently and place it on the side of a BIC lighter, make sure it is the side that shows the BIC logo.)

Then in the Add People, simply add @FlameFrog

Check Add to Photo Map, then Name this location.

Keep in mind that you can only win the full amount of z$1 Million if you have the sticker on a BIC lighter. So take the time to transfer the label onto a BIC lighter and make sure you put the label on the side of the lighter with the BIC logo.


How do I get a Flame Frog lighter?

The best way to get one of the Flame Frog lighters is to steal it from someone.

If you are lame and just want to win the z$1 000 000, you can also buy them directly from this site, you are being lame because you are getting a head start on everyone else:

Make your selection here


Has your lighter been stolen?

There has always been a need for a website like FlameFrog. How many times have you left a bar with more lighter than when you got there, or even worst. When you leave the bar you find that you have left without your lighter .

Many people just place a lighter back into their pockets, even if it doesn't belong to them, "Oh, sorry, I forgot it wasn't my lighter ", is the response you will get when someone steals your favorite lighter .

FlameFrog the Lighter tracking website gives you the ability to track lighters and using Google maps will show the movements of lighter that have been in your.

Do you Like or unLike this idea, your vote counts!

Win with FlameFrog the Lighter tracking website.
 (Hot Potato)

Flame Frog the Lighter tracking website will have random draws for their lighter, the prizes will include free lighter, money, anything else we think that you would like to win. The is one catch, if you have the lighter with the winning serial number, you don't win a thing, nudda, zip, zero!

The winners are the people who had the stolen lighter before you. So if you get a FlameFrog lighter it would pay you to pass it on, in this way you will be putting yourself inline to win the prizes.


Stolen Lighters

Today the lighter is so commonly used that most everybody in the world knows what one is. BIC, the largest manufacturer in the world, alone claims to sell almost 1.5 billion lighters per year. Though we take lighters for granted, if you think about it, lighters are an amazing invention. In any place, at any time--with only the press of a button--combustion is possible with a lighter!

Now think of how many of these lighters stay with the person who bought them. It would be an anomaly for anyone to buy a lighter at the gas station and then keep the lighter till it runs out of gas. It just doesn't happen. Lighters are stolen, lighters are lost, lighters are found, more than any other item carried around my man. Stolen lighters are what keeps BIC in business. If everyone were to keep their lighter and not have them stolen, I think BIC would not be the business it is.

Rules of engagement when stealing lighters.